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Death of a Pet

Kaylie Rose

10-years old

Miss Happy                                          Garcia Kitty

1994-2008 - 14-wonderful years             10-years old

Our pets love us unconditionally!  Many can sense when we are sick or even down.  I believe that they have souls.  They don’t require much from us, just good meals, affection and a warm safe home!

Unfortunately, pets’ life span is short even under the best of circumstances.  Pets are just as important to us as our family members because they are family! 

As a pet parent you may experience all of the same reactions to their illness or death that you would if a human family member died.  The stages of grief are personal to each owner.  These stages include but are not limited to shock, pain, guilt, anger, depression, loneliness, acceptance and hope.  You may also experience people who you go to for support not understanding your feelings and reactions to this loss.

Many pet owners who are experiencing this kind of loss and bereavement see me in therapy.  I have two dogs and a cat who I love dearly.  I have helped many people through this difficult time.

Please feel free to call me and set up a time to discuss your pet.  People usually leave my office feeling much better.

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