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Excessive Worrying

You need to be careful about your thoughts, judgments, and viewpoints. When you focus on something you don’t want -- you actually increase the chances of it happening.


That is why worrying about something actually drives you closer to that something. Worry is actually a very powerful form of negative goal setting.
The more worries, the more stress. The more stress, the less creative and clear your mind becomes. And the less creative you become, the less likely you will ever solve the problem you’re worried about.


There is one, and only one, solution to this. You must step out of the stress and worry cycle, and direct your thoughts elsewhere.


What you focus on grows. This is why it's so very important not to focus on your problems. You instead want to focus on creating positive solutions that create something you do want.  Convert your problems to goals and begin to take action one step at a time.  And in the meantime refuse to worry, create a new mental image, reduce your stress, and build your self-confidence.

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