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Family Problems - Internet Relationships

Internet relationships have become a by-product of the modern world of web-surfing; all well and good for singles, a new form of cheating for those who are married.   Does internet cheating hurt if there’s no “real” relationship? Can it even be called cheating on your spouse if no physical contact is involved? The answer to both questions is yes.

While it may not be physical, it is still considered cheating. It is the emotional variety of having an affair. There can be no question about whether or not anyone is hurt. The knowledge that your husband or wife is writing erotic messages to another person diminishes the relationship you have together.


Within the context of a traditional marriage, "CyberSex" or "cyber-dating" is a form of betrayal and infidelity.  When these issues create tension and hostility within a relationship or family, both individual and joint counseling is strongly recommended.

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