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Obsessive Compulsive Problems

OCD is a type of anxiety that happens as a result of the brain adapting to overwhelming stress and worry. There is a genetic factor in many cases of OCD. Kids with OCD worry a lot. Sometimes they feel afraid that bad things could possibly happen to them, sometimes they feel that something bad could happen to people they love, or sometimes they feel like they have to get things "just right" and have to check to make sure.


People with OCD worry so much that they can spend many hours, or even the whole day, worrying about things and trying to make sure the bad things they worry about don't happen.


Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

  • Compulsive cleaning

  • Anxiety

  • Repetitive routine

  • Excessive fear of infection

  • Ritual hand washing

  • Counting ritual

  • Compulsive checking of electrical appliances

  • Compulsive checking of locks

  • Compulsive hoarding

  • Compulsive counting

People with OCD realize that what they are doing is not appropriate. The behavior can interfere with usual daily tasks like going to work or school.  I have treated many people with OCD. Call me today!

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