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Overcoming Fear

Fear distorts real life and makes it almost impossible to render logical decisions to life’s problems around money, relationships, health, spirituality, work, and many other areas. In other words, fear prevents you from creating a better life by keeping you stuck!


So how does one go about taking risks and overcoming fear? You have a choice between playing it safe or leaping off the cliff into the unknown.  The best thing to do when confronted with anything is to view the situation with objectivity and an open mind then believe in yourself and don’t worry about the outcome.


Here is list of top fears according to 

  • Fear of bugs (especially spiders), mice, & snakes

  • Fear of heights

  • Fear of water (drowning)

  • Fear of storms

  • Fear of closed spaces

  • Fear of crowds

  • Fear of public speaking

Determine what your fears are and which ones you may want to work on, and then overcome your fears!

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