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Raising and Parenting Multiples

Raising twins, triplets or more is a different experience from raising single children of various ages. There’s no doubt that looking after multiple babies is more work and often more complicated than parenting a single baby. Parents of multiples have more expense, get less sleep and are under more time pressure and greater stress than parents of a single baby.


Within families of multiple birth children, older siblings can often feel displaced when twins or triplets arrive, especially if their relationship with their parent was particularly close beforehand.

Most new parents feel stressed from time to time. Tiredness, constantly crying babies, daily duties, increased responsibility and anxiety about the unknown can make you feel like it’s all too much. You can cope with stress by getting others to help out, and finding out as much as you can about caring for your children.


I see many parents of multiples before and after the birth of their children. I have fraternal twin sons and my brother has fraternal twin daughters! It is normal to have lots of questions about the unique challenges raising multiples bring.

  • Can I give them enough attention?

  • How do we keep up with the number of feedings, laundry and lack of sleep on our part when they come home?

  • If you have children who are physically or mentally impaired - how do you deal with this overwhelming challenge?

  • Do I put them on a schedule?

  • When does it get easier?

  • What can I do to make sure my marriage stays strong when every waking moment of the day, my husband and I are caring for the kids!

The truth is, things get easier as time goes on. Once your children can walk, it gets quite a bit easier. Also, if your children are born prematurely, they usually catch up developmentally.


There are many positive traits among multiples. Since they literally have never been along, they tend to get along with other people as an example.


Come in for a therapy session and bring all the questions you have. Most likely you will leave a lot more confident about raising your precious children.

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